Our facility offers a unique approach to boarding compared to other businesses in the area. We offer an alternative to traditional kennel boarding which consists of daycare throughout the day. We want your dogs stay with us to be as much as a vacation as possible! Your pup will be out playing with other dogs from the moment we open up until the moment we close. We try to make our facility as cage-free as possible; however, the dogs do get put into individual cubbies overnight so that they can eat their meals and so that they can get some rest. The only other times the dogs are put into cubbies is when they are rotated for breaks throughout the day. There is staff on duty 24/7 so that we can keep an eye out on the dogs during their stay. 

   The dogs that don't make it into playgroup will be made comfortable in a cubby and get rotated outside six times throughout the day to go to the bathroom and get one-on-one time with a handler.

Rates & Fees

Boarding per night: $38

Check-in after 4PM: $10

Pick-up after 12PM: $20

Extra Care Charge (Unneutered males over 7 mo.): $5 per night

Separate Care Charge: $5 per night