Day School will be offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Dogs must be dropped off between 7-9AM and picked up between 4-6PM. Reservations are required, please make reservations through the customer portal.

Day School is $34 per day

Day School

   Group play isn't for every dog. Some dogs need help with their social skills, get overwhelmed with groups or just prefer a more one-on-one experience. These pups deserve a full-filled day while their owners are at work too!

   Your dog will enjoy a structured, full-filled day with one of our handlers. Each dog will get a personalized one-on-one experience.

Activities can include:

  • Dog Pacer Treadmill
  • Indoor or Outdoor Playtime (one-on-one or small group)
  • Basic Obedience Skills
  • Agility Drills (Jumps, Ramps, Weave Poles, Tunnel)
  • Fit Paws Equipment (Improve Concentration and Builds Confidence)
  • Structured Outdoor Walks
  • Lots of Love & Attention!

Day Training

Leave your dog for daycare and our trainer will take your dog out of daycare several times a day depending on the dogs attention span. Day training is for any specific behavioral problems or obedience cues that you're trying to achieve at home. Examples include leash aggression, door dashing, and a faster come when call. 

$20 in addition to daycare costs